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Riva Trigoso:
sea​​, reefs: the Asseu.
The long sandy bay and the unique "surin" clear, often washed by brackish waters.
Punta Manara, high, prominent, that's going to break, such as the bow, the stillness of the deep blue sea.
It's the first, from the west, and then there's Colle Pagano; east begins instead Punta Baffe;
in the middle, an ancient island Quaternary, delicate and green: COLLE BARDI.
On this hill we have achieved the farm "Villa Bardi".
A dream takes shape day after day.
Through the brambles and neglect already saw the garden, exotic plants, fountain;
the light and shade of the arches to isolate paintings of the sea and boats;
promontories of green pines and olive trees and gray rocks,
sun and clouds;
we do not know if it is better to one or the other.
The work is as much, but bonus
because every day is a bit 'wild conquered,
an holm or an oak tree in the sun returning,
taking power and light and shadow play signers path;
the garden is exploding in its precious products.
And so it was born the idea of the farm:
  • large terrace overlooking the sea
  • porch accessible
  • suitable rooms available

Azienda Agricola Villa Bardi di Muzio Lucia - Via Piano del Fiume, 7/A Riva Trigoso (GE) Italy - P.I. 01578930990 Tel. +39 0185 42572 Cell. +39 347.32.12.893
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