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Our Homemade Products

 Villa Bardi awaits you to let you taste the products that are grown and processed by us such as oil, honey, jams, meats and meats.

Our products are sold directly on the farm.



Real JARS of HAPPINESS that represent an added value for our company, deriving from the authenticity of our ingredients and from the fact that they are all Homemade products.

For our jams we use only organically grown seasonal fruit.

You can spread them on a slice of hot bread, you can stuff tarts and strudel or accompany them with cheeses.


The method used by Villa Bardi for the oil production  is the one provided for organic agriculture based on the absolute ban on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are not required by the regulations in force in the European Union.

The olives are harvested by hand, usually in the first half of the month of October, and are “crushed” on the same day in our “cold oil mill”.

We obtain golden yellow oil with evident green reflections; the aromas refer to the freshly turned olive with herbaceous hints equally evident.


Where the bee’s work ends, ours begins !!!

This is how we can summarize our concept of honey processing!

The latter, in fact, represents that particular food produced thanks to the work done by the bees that collect the nectar, taking it from the flowers or from secretions of living parts of the plants. But the work of our bee friends goes far beyond mere collection, since they mix what is taken with their own substances to put everything inside their honeycombs. Not only!! In the hives there are further exchanges between the various bees that populate it, exchanges that favor the maturation phase which leads to the formation of honey.

Then the human hand intervenes in the development of those further processing phases aimed at obtaining the final product.

Try our honey as a sweetener for your drinks, in the hot milk, in the yogurt or on a slice of toast!


We produce excellent meats and meats from the animals of our farm, directly dealing with the cultivation of foods that supplement the nutrition of our animals.

Our goal is to keep the “peasant traditions” alive and it is for this reason that we transform meats following the methods of “ancient times”.

Our cured meats are extremely genuine products as they do not contain preservatives and dyes.